Get Naked? What does it mean. Why i said it?

Think that when you remove your clothes to shower or bathe (or do other things) that you are naked? Uh, uh – think again. Most often you’re still “clothed” in the chronic thoughts, perceptions and attitudes that have been forged from your past and your conditioning. To become truly naked requires stripping yourself of the superimposed persona you identify as the “self” of you.  To be clear, it is not necessary to alter your personality per se, but the “persona” of limitation reflected in victimization, self-pity, woe and/ or struggle.  To strip yourself of the self-perception forged from conditions and experiences is to truly become naked; to reveal the raw potential that ALWAYS remains as the locus (essence) of your identity.

Who are you before you don the inference from your financial situation or credit score? Who are you before you put on the defeat of relationship struggles? Who are you before you clothe yourself in the subconscious indictment of a health prognosis? Who are you before you look in the mirror at career setbacks?  The person you are sans these superimposed inferences is the “naked” you. The you that remains fraught with bountiful possibilities for changing the superimposed “clothing!”

The naked you is witnessed in those fleeting moments of possibility that surface in your awareness. The naked you is witnessed during moments of inspiration and or motivation. The naked you sees what’s possible rather than what’s probable.  No matter what “clothing” via thoughts, attitudes and perceptions you unwittingly choose to dress in, underneath all of that you are naked possibility!

As you increasingly choose and become comfortable in the nudity of your raw potential you become increasingly discerning of the thoughts, attitudes and perceptions you allow circumstances to impose on your identity.  (Even children begin to decide what to wear at an early age; surly you possess more autonomy than a child!)

Here are two ways to truly “get naked” to position yourself to reset the clothing you don to better promote possibilities of wellbeing and fulfillment.

Watch the Immediate Take – catch your immediate take on “incoming data.” it’s typically filtered through the “clothing” of the past, historical perception of self and possibilities. When you look at your bank account, see people in love, witness lifestyles of greater comfort or desire, or recognize success – witness the reactive thought of inadequacy these circumstances happen to trigger. Do not attempt to change the thoughts or feelings of inadequacy; just began to become acutely aware of them. As the saying goes, “Sunlight is the best disinfectant,” becoming more conscious of the mental/emotional clothing you “are wearing “ tends to subconsciously disengage you from chronically wearing the same mental attire! The most liberating reality about this vantage point of witnessing the thoughts and not attempting to change them is that you render them powerless by witnessing and noticing the thought habit rather than validating their power by trying re-actively to change them. You will find this subtle shift in approach is less draining than attempting to be stamp out every negative thought as though you were playing an unending game of whack-a-mole.

Aspirational Image Reset – Select and print or cut out four, 2×2 inch images of an aspirational figure (headshot) that represents to you the qualities, characteristics or lifestyle you desire to emulate, in your own way, in your life. This can be anyone from your personal life or a person from public life that represents the success with which you desire to align. (I use the word ‘success’ in its broadest context; you may desire greater success at leading a more contemplative life. On the other hand, perhaps you aspire to a life free of any money concerns whatsoever; then choose an image of someone who represents this reality to you). Post this 2×2 inch image at least four strategic places you frequent daily (refrigerator door, car console, bathroom, etc.) as it serves as a constant subconscious (and conscious) reset from the mental clothing your typical experiences tend to lull you into wearing! The point is to be able to glance at that image as a constant reset of the mindset that until now is accustom to a more limited purview of the reality the image represents (ask yourself, “how would [person reflected in image] consider this thing I’m challenged with?”) . Life is less about making things happen and more about recognizing and being available to what is already happening – that reflects what you desire.

To strip yourself of the limited perception forged by conditioning permits the naked purity of your potential to no longer be hemmed in by the conditioning that tends to undermine wellbeing and fulfillment.

Get naked.

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Get Naked!

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