Self Love Courage? What is it?

We tend to feel or think we have to discipline ourselves to follow through on matters to exact a greater degree of progress with our aims and goals. Yet this very idea of discipline often creates resistance to follow through because the need for discipline usually emerges from feelings of guilt or judgment about a matter.  What is missing from this well-meaning intention (the act of discipline) is the context that can promote the resolve and commitment to follow through on matters of relevance.

What is this context that promotes and encourages the resolve to follow through on things? It is Self-Love. If completing tasks, goals and aims is engendered by guilt, repercussion, and judgment what we find we are really in resistance to is not so much the task or intention itself but the toxic perceptions and feelings of guilt, fear and judgment now associated with the matter. It’s human nature to avoid unpleasantness.  The mind recoils from adverse dynamics and any guilt fear or sense of futility regarding a matter breeds a disdain for the matter. The first order of business to dissolve resistance (also known as procrastination) is to replace toxic feelings about a matter with resetting self-love.

Imagine that your feelings of productivity and progress emanated from enacting self-love rather than recrimination. In other words, begin regarding the task before you (whatever the nature of it) as an act of loving the self. You are demonstrating and expressing love to and for self when engaging in the act of fulfilling an intention. To feel well about self – the feeling all meaningful endeavors elicit – is an act of loving self. Refrain from desiring to accomplish a goal solely because “you’ll be better for it” and focus more on seeing the task before you as an opportunity to express the love you have for yourself and the expression of well-being. The more you contextualize your actions in any endeavor as an act of self-love the greater the tendency to create positive associations about the thing being addressed. Even if the task is one of typical drudgery (doing taxes) – see the feelings of accomplishment as less a relief and more a feeling of self-contentment (the reason one feels relief after completing certain tasks is because one is actually relieved that the imposed source of guilt and judgment is alleviated – proving that those toxic associations do not bode well for productivity and progress in the first place).

Self-love is not an emotional sentiment; it is an energy that promotes confidence, security and courage. As you see the many tasks before you as opportunities to demonstrate or cultivate self-love you create a galvanizing force that empowers greater wherewithal within for accomplishing and succeeding. You say to yourself, “I am engaging and completing this because it feels good to my being to accomplish a desire of my heart.” That…. is self-love.

This context and attitude begin to neutralize feelings of futility or doubt.  As love for self is empowered you begin to “love” accomplishing things and procrastination as a way of life becomes a thing of the past.

In this New Year resolve to engage more acts of self-love by seeing your goals, desires and aims as opportunities to exercise greater love for self – and the consequence is a life that increasingly loves you back!

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Self Love Courage
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  • January 12, 2014 at 1:42 pm

    Well, you wrote this one just for me. Thank you.


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