“I came to see Isaiah initially out of relationship/dating challenges. Since my work with Isaiah I met the love of my life, married him, realized a dream to own a home, established two business’ and we now have a toddler! Isaiah is an amazing coach/counselor! He provides you with the tools and perspective so you can transcend life’s struggles and truly excel in every area of your life. I highly recommend Isaiah’s work to anyone!” – K. Moore
“Quite simply, Isaiah has a gift. His work through A Conscious Life is unlike any other empowerment experience. Isaiah has an ability to rapidly absorb exactly what is going on with your life. His attention to detail and genuine care have helped me transform my life, goals and emotions. I heard about him from 3 other people who benefited from his work, I now count myself among them. I highly recommend his hypnotherapy process for anybody desiring to create a better life.” – D. Rustam
“Working with Isaiah has truly been a renewing experience.
I was able to heal a lifetime struggle of pain and suffering in relationships as he has assisted me with aligning and choosing well being for myself.”
– T. Thomas
“Isaiah has a way of getting to the genesis of a problem with an uncanny inner process and way of expression that is unique, direct, and clear.”
– Joan T.
“Isaiah McGee is the real deal. The concrete results that I have gotten from my sessions with him speak for themselves. I would recommend him to anyone without reservation!” – M.Lennox
“Isaiah has effective and positive methods of revealing and eliminating mental blocks. No mumbo jumbo with Isaiah, just productive techniques that have dramatically improved my insight, focus, and life. I was really stuck in my life and work, however now I’m approaching both equipped with solid tools with which to create my goals! Isaiah is a genius at what he does!” – B. Brown
“I saw and felt instant results from even my 1st session with A Conscious Life! Isaiah has helped me realize my true passion and rekindled my energy and motivation in only a few short months, with the unparalleled power of his subconscious work. Isaiah is the REAL deal!” – T. R. Davis
“WOW!!! I can not thank Isaiah enough for the changes he has facilitated in my life! We have identified core beliefs that no longer serve me and literally erased them from my mental database. We have found new ways for me to be present and more authentic in my life. And my relationships have improved at work and in my personal life. Isaiah intuitively knows what questions to ask. He is an amazing facilitator and guide.” – M. Logan
“Long ago I recognized Isaiah’s depth of commitment to his empowerment practice and genuine dedication to assisting others in their journey to wholeness in body, mind and spirit. Those who find their way to his potent, life-enhancing work are indeed fortunate.”
– Michael Beckwith, Author of “The Answer is YOU”
DeonVozov64x83 “With Isaiah’s patient, compassionate, and sometimes wonderfully funny help, I am learning that not only am I not my problems — I actually am my solutions. Managing my life is being replaced with living my life. Please, ask me how much I love the difference!” -D.V
KristinMoore64x83 “Since I have been seeing Isaiah he has helped me to refocus my energies… It has been amazing how working with him has impacted my overall happiness.”
– K.M.