Terror happens. Not a very happy thought, huh? However, that two-word statement is not a reflection on our modern-day world (acts of terrorism go back millennia), but rather, it is an indication of a condition. How you release the psychological emotional weight of terrorism is through understanding that terrorism is a “condition” rather than a position.

It is our conditioning that actually leads to a position (a perspective, or point of reference about something) – not the other way around. Extreme acts of terrorism are simply – yet devastatingly – our collective conditioning played out writ large on a global scale. How you release the psychological emotional weight of terrorism is to, first, accept (recognize) the human conditioning that shapes a brain into a perspective.

(At this point, a person would probably stop reading this treatise if they were more interested in the psychological emotional “payoff” of stewing in the juices of perceived otherness, “evil” or projection.)

If you are still reading this material then you are interested in the freedom from conditioning rather than the bondage of condemnation. Kudos to your emotional courage. To accept that all brains are conditioned into a perspective and not born with one liberates you from the propaganda of “them” vs. “us” mentality.

When the objectification of terror – “them vs. us” or the scapegoat label of “evil” – is surrendered (no baby is born with a AK-47 or carefully crafted bomb) you open the door to release the existential weight of the toil of terrorism perpetuated through your own unconscious terrorism.

“Wait a minute!” You say, “I am no terrorist!” This may be true in the objective sense, however, how often do you subtly ‘terrorize’ yourself with self-doubt? Judgement? Condemnation? Guilt? How often do you unwittingly (or intentionally) intimidate others into doing your bidding?

The very core of any terrorist act is to intimidate. It is not blasphemy to equate your guilt manipulation (of yourself or others) with a bomb that destroys and maims innocent lives because the focus of concern here is the origins of terror; not the extreme continuum of it.

Terrorism is dissolved at the quick – not the end manifestation. And it begins at our individual points of entry that contributes to the collective.

It takes courage to go against the conventional grain of objective blame to subjective accountability.  This is how you release the psychological emotional weight of terrorism. Invoke your own courage to ferret out of your system of being conditioned acts of terrorism inflicted on self and others through thoughts and subsequent actions.

How you release the psychological emotional weight of terrorism is through releasing your terrorizing self-guilt, shame, blame and doubt. The consequential freedom liberates your capacity to be solution in your life, the life of others and the planet – rather than suffering through feelings of condemnation (towards self or others).

Perhaps you will use the freedom of your emancipation from the existential weight of self-imposed terror through righteous protest, volunteerism, running for elected office, writing an empowering article or simply being kinder to your mate, self or pet.

Terrorism of all kinds – subtle and extreme – is suffocated when the air of guilt, blame, judgment, resentment and condemnation are channeled into the personal accountability that empowers your own emancipation.

Be your own salvation and the world saves itself through you.