Quantum Hypnotherapy is a holistic application of therapeutic hypnosis that recognizes your unconditioned
capacity for self-healing in any area of experience where suffering or limitation has been witnessed.
Through empowered realignment of subconscious self-perception, a quantum leap from suffering to fulfillment is
realized. You are not any limitation you have experienced; you are the means of transforming it.

Depression – gone, weight gain – gone, alcoholism – gone! All since I began my empowerment and hypnotherapy sessions with Isaiah. Isaiah so believes in you that growth is inevitable.
Isaiah is a remarkable human, let alone hypnotherapist. He is a rare combination of intellect plus intuition, best listener I have ever met. I cannot recommend him highly enough. My advice? ‘See him!’
“This s***t works!” Stephen Rider, actor, featured in such movies and TV shows as “The Host”, “Safe House”, “Shameless” and series regular on “Daredevil” since he began his work with A Conscious Life Hypnotherapy.
Stephen Rider, Actor,
Thanks so much for hypnotherapy sessions!  They have TRULY helped bring me out of nervousness and self-consciousness…have been MUCH more social at events… can’t express how much sessions have contributed to my overall happiness.
I felt helpless, confused, and lost, through work with ACL Hypnotherapy, I’m joyful to say I’ve reached my next highest self. Isaiah’s therapeutic discourse and hypnosis helped to a point where I feel excited to be who I am!
Quite simply, Isaiah has a gift. He has an ability to rapidly absorb exactly what is going on with your life. I highly recommend his work for anybody with a genuine desire to create a better life.


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