The Top Ten Words that Change Your Reality empowers your capacity to incorporate or eliminate the unconscious sabotaging use of words. Replacing certain common words used to express negative predicaments, issues and problems will have a surprisingly direct impact on shifting your reality to greater fulfillment.

Words establish parameters, what limitations are you unwittingly relegating your life to by the ‘innocent’ use of words?  The Top Ten Words that Change Your Reality is potently transforming if you desire to eliminate the subconscious sabotage of certain word usage. Words in and of themselves have no inherent power, however, your use of them does.

Here are the game-changing, Top Ten Words that Change Your Reality.

10. Want

The unconscious use of the word “want” (“I want this or that”) conveys to your subconscious mind “to chase” after something. Problem with this common word usage is that you remain in the chase; not capturing or achieving, but constantly chasing.  You replace the word “want” with…

9. Accept

When the word ‘want’ is replaced with ‘accept’ the desired intent conveyed to your subconscious mind is that you are accepting the fulfillment of the desire rather than chasing the fulfillment. BIG difference for the mind to process acceptance rather than wanting and chasing. You experience whatever the mind is processing. “I accept or am accepting greater love in my life!”

8. Make

The word ‘make’ (or ‘made’) when used in the context of something “making” you feel a certain way eliminates choice! When you express, “…that or this made me feel…” you unconsciously abandon your power of choice. Nothing can “make” you feel a particular way; however, you can default to a particular feeling triggered by an incident for sure.

Eliminate this word usage in the context of situations, individuals and circumstances that trigger emotional distress or anxiety. To express that something ‘made’ you feel a certain way infers victimhood. You are nobody’s victim! This is the first effective step in reclaiming your power to respond to distressful feelings rather than succumbing to knee-jerk reactions to them.

7. Have

The word ‘have’ appears pretty benign until it is used in the context of ‘having’ something that is limiting. When you express that I ‘have’ a thing such as an ailment, an issue or problem – this conveys to the subconscious mind a static state! If something is considered a part of your state of being, as the word ‘have’ implies, then the subconscious mind resists improvement or elimination due to the ‘have’ assumption of permanency.

How do you eliminate the word “have” as an indictment of permanency without going into denial about a condition or circumstance? You replace the word, ‘have’ with …

6. Experience

To use the word, ‘experience’ in describing a limiting condition still allows acknowledgement of an issue without conferring the subconscious permanency implied by the word, ‘have.’ Using the ‘have’ verb impedes, interferes or cancels improvement or elimination of the condition being acknowledged. “I am experiencing cancer.” “I am experiencing a challenge with …” “I am experiencing depression.” These are examples of replacing the word, ‘have’ with ‘experience’ – so as to not unwittingly assign permanency to conditions you desire to improve or release.

5. Can’t

This word elimination is one most are familiar with as ‘can’t’ confers inability – when often times, what is truly meant by using ‘can’t’ is, ‘will not.’ By replacing the word, ‘can’t’ with ‘will not…’ a profound reality emerges. You come face-to-face with your own resistance or honesty.

Replacing ‘can’t’ with, ‘will not’ offers opportunity to examine what the real issue is about a thing; ‘can’t’ eliminates the possibility of releasing a limiting perception. For example, “No matter what I do I just ‘can’t’ make (or save) more money.” This is an unconscious pronouncement of inability rather than what most constriction actually represents, which is challenge – not inability.

Challenges can be addressed but perceived inability (which is what ‘can’t’ expresses) closes the door on accommodating the development that CAN adequately resolve an issue.

 Top Ten Words that Change Your Reality

4. You

The Fourth word in the The Top Ten Words that Change Your Reality is the word, ‘You.’ Be careful of the use of this word when used in an accusatory or blame context. “You did this or that.” “You are always doing this…”, “You irritate me.” Whatever is experienced that generates the usage of the word, ‘you,’ may or may not be an accurate assessment. However, the point of focus here is on examining how much projection of your own personal issues may be occurring when you witness behaviors by others that trigger you.

3. I

It is wise to consider carefully what follows the use of the word “I” – because whatever sentiment follows its usage you are claiming as a part of your identity! “I am this”, “I am that”, “I always do this.” If what follows the word, “I” is something desired, by all means claim that as your identity! If, on the other hand, what follows the use of the word, “I” is an expression of something undesirable, refrain from the temptation to identify yourself with limitation.

2. My

The word, ‘my’ is used unconsciously as one of the most powerful words in the Universe (this is why it is No. 2 in the countdown). Whatever follows that word, ‘my’ subconsciously conveys ownership! “My backache.” “My bad credit.” “My terrible marriage.” “My social anxiety.” “My past.” – etc.  You cannot release an undesirable condition while at the same time subconsciously conferring ownership of the issue through the use of the word, ‘my.’  [code: purpose]

Understand and remember that the subconscious mind is very literal. (It is your conscious mind that has the capability of context; not the subconscious.)

You cannot let go of a problem if subconsciously you maintain ownership of the issue through use of the word, ‘my’ to express limiting factors about your life. So how do you communicate a personal issue without claiming powerful ownership of the issue? You replace the word, ‘my’ with …

1. The

Do not let the benign nature of the preposition “the” fool you. When ‘my’ is replaced with the word ‘the’ in the thinking or communicating of any unfavorable condition or experience, you profoundly disengage from ownership (from the use of the word, ‘my’).

The brilliance of this word replacement is that it still allows you to acknowledge or communicate honestly about an issue, yet not claim unconscious ownership of the predicament. (Remember, the subconscious mind is literal.) This is the initial potent step in releasing a constricting condition by impersonalizing its reality.

“ ‘My’ backache…” becomes, ‘the’ backache… “ ‘My’ bad credit becomes ‘the’ bad credit…“ ‘My’ bad marriage becomes, ‘the’ bad marriage… “ ‘My’ social anxiety becomes, ‘the’ social anxiety…” – etc.

This particular word adjustment in your communication and thinking will need to be consciously and dutifully practiced. Because we, as a society, are conditioned to describe personal realities with the determiner, ‘my’, it requires vigilance in catching the default usage of that determiner in communicating (to self or others) an undesirable condition. The vigilance is necessary until the replacement word is wired into the brain. (The language reference term for the word, ‘my’ – is called a determiner… hmmm, what a fitting identifier!)

Do not underestimate the power of this seemingly, “little” adjustment in communicating – because your subconscious mind does not! As mentioned, the subconscious mind is very literal and takes you seriously when you begin negative expressions with the word, ‘my.’

And by the same token, the subconscious mind takes you seriously when you distance yourself from ownership of negating experiences with the replacement use of the word, ‘the.’

The Top Ten Words that Change Your Reality creates the leverage necessary to emancipate from unconscious indictment of yourself through subconscious ownership of negative experiences.

Become your own salvation through application of the Top Ten Words that Change Your Reality!