2015:Take Back Your Life


To understand the process of waning enthusiasm for altering habitual destinies is to no longer be a victim of the process. Understanding – rather than knee-jerk reactions of judgment, guilt and resignation to the onset of old habits or resistance – is the first step to taking back your life in this new year (or anytime you desire to begin anew).  As a hypnotherapist, I understand all too well the “two minds” that operate simultaneously in our daily processing of living as my work is to facilitate the alignment of the two for maximum progress.  Here are a few insights that potently prepare you to successfully – maybe for the first time – retrieve your life from the throws of subconscious conditioning. Following the insights outlined here will enable the traction on the resolve you valiantly desire to apprehend. TBYL (Take Back Your Life) Insight #1 – The Novelty Principle Understand the motivation for anything of interest that is new – including a new or renewed resolve to accomplish something – is actually supposed to start off with a bang – and then ‘peter out’(?!!). [Not casting aspersion on all the ‘Peter’s’ reading out there – just a figure of … Continue reading

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Whose Thought Is It Anyway?

Two woman competition

Day in and day out I see- from my vantage point – wonderful, creative, talented, beautiful, skilled clients of all shapes, sizes, origins and walks of life unwittingly claiming “ownership” to every thought transpiring in their mind. To assume that if you are having a thought that it is “your” thought is the ultimate hubris of the mind. It is the most common – and undermining – erroneous assumption we make about the thought process. This ownership of “my” thoughts about things is what impedes the experiential progress individual’s so desperately desire to make in their lives. In truth, you experience (witness) the thoughts occurring in “your” mind but you do not necessarily give birth to the nature of their content. The assumption that “my” negative thoughts about my sense of insecurity, doubt, fear, criticism, inabilities, so-called shortcomings, are “holding me back from greater fulfillment” – is only half right. The negative thoughts (perceptions) are not holding you back it is the unconscious ownership of them you insist on claiming that holds you back! The brain absorbs ideas (thoughts) from both internal “cues” and external ones. Internal cues, such as interpreting hunger as a sign to eat or external cues … Continue reading

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‘Fall Back’ to Reset Your Life


Approximately 70 countries participate in Day Light Saving Time. This semi-annual time change the world enacts each year always elicits a knowing chuckle from me as I witness the most explicit example of an arbitrary “agreement.” We have collectively agreed to “move time” backward or forward at a particular moment every single year. There are enormous global consequences that ensue from this simple, intentional moving of a clock hand. When not taken for granted, there is a profound life-altering realization that can be gleaned from this arbitrary agreement. The start of the business day, as well as the timed routines of daily life, are adjusted according to this backward and forward time agreement. Yet, frankly, we do not actually “move time,” but rather, we adjust our collective representation of what a particular time of “now” means. Today this hour means one time and, voilà, tomorrow this same moment of the day means a different time. Speaking of time, the subject of this little treatise might cause you to think I have a lot of it on my hands, but stay with me and you will understand the enormous impact this occurrence can have on changing your life. Consider the fact … Continue reading

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Relief or Release?


There are two unconscious agendas that determine the success or lack thereof of your ability to transcend any debilitating conditioning from your experience. The choice made of the two agendas influence whether your efforts to transform your experience is effective or futile. Whether your past environment involves physical, mental, emotional, sexual, alcoholic, or drug abuse or perhaps your past has been conditioned by financial struggle – the brain becomes conditioned from the phenomena it is exposed to.  However, this in and of itself is not the reason for the futility because the brain is very malleable – the very reason it becomes conditioned in the first place is the same means by which it can be reconditioned on behalf of well-being. It is the type of agenda informing your intent for healing that determines the degree of success in reconditioning the brain for fulfilling well-being. What are the two agendas? They are relief or release. Unfortunately, most individuals understandably default to the agenda of relief from debilitating conditions and conditioning. Who would not want relief from oppressive dynamics? Although the end results of experiencing relief would be anyone’s desire, relief as the sole motivating origin for engaging healing therapies and … Continue reading


Creativity – MORE than You Think


Creativity /kree-ey-tiv-i-tee/ noun the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships to create meaningful new ideas, expressions, forms, methods, interpretations, etc. Creativity is much more than you think if your context confines the understanding of this phenomena to artistic, technical or mechanical endeavor, ability or thought. Relegating the nature of creativity to this narrow scope of expression is akin to associating cooking wholly to the preparation of one type of food. The essence of creativity is much broader – and potent – than its conventional understanding as self-expression. When essentially understood the phenomena of creativity is what is employed to transcend, transform or transmute (look up all three of those words) the limiting conditioning that restricts the viability of your unlimited capacity. When closely examined, the definition of creativity – “…ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships…” is exactly what occurs in the restoration (healing) of any dysfunction one witnesses in their experience.  To “transcend traditional ideas” you have about your health or to transcend the “rules” of what you supposedly can and cannot do at a certain age or to “transcend the patterns” witnessed in relationships profoundly expands the nature and scope of this phenomena called creativity. … Continue reading

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The BIG Question

Q&A Mind

The most frequently asked question from hypnotherapy clients or those considering using this effective therapeutic approach to healing, is how long it will take to witness change in the areas one desires to improve.  It is an understandable question considering the often arduous process that can accompany self-fulfillment. When this question is posed I am always quick to point out the erroneous assumption (fueling this question) that it must require just as much time to neutralize an undermining dynamic as it has taken to form and sustain the limiting conditions. There tends to be a daunting misconception that it will require just as much time to release undermining mental programing as it has taken for it to develop and exist.  Nothing could be further from the therapeutic truth of matters. In actuality, aligning your mental (and subsequent emotional) programming with well-being can be effectively engaged with much less time and effort (no matter how long-standing or chronic undermining dynamics have been in play) because in this intention you are aligning your mental perception in concert with what is already true about your fundamental nature. To align with the abundant, purposeful essence of Life, which we witness Nature readily and easily … Continue reading

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Single Approach Dissolves Fear


“To fear or not to fear – that is the question.”  Please excuse the gross liberties taken with Shakespeare’s quote but that is the ultimate question regarding one’s capacity to fulfill desires and intentions. The degree that fears inform your perception is the degree that paralysis infects successful progress.  The mind will conspire to legitimize all excuses, reasons and doubts about moving forward with decisions, ideas and pursuits when one is vulnerable to fear. It is the covert operation of fear that causes most doubts about our capacity to fulfill a desired intent.  The following reasons, thoughts, ideas and the hidden fears they mask provides some insight how vulnerability to fear enables fear to manipulate the mind’s perception: THE IDEA                                                              COMMENSURATE FEAR “Don’t have the money”    ——–   Fear you are not capable of generating greater abundance “Don’t have the time”        ——–   Fear that the task will be futile or not successfully engaged “Not clear on direction”    ——–   Fear of following your own authentic desire “Not enough confidence”  ——–   Fear (lack) of self-acceptance “No encouragement/support” ——–   Fear blocking internal self-support Doubt efforts will succeed       ——–   Fear of accepting one’s true capability The commonly expressed “reasons” above show the ego is … Continue reading

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Harmony at the Playboy Jazz Fest


… and not just of the musical kind – although that was indeed in abundant supply. I have returned from a thoroughly enjoyable day of great music at the Playboy Jazz Festival at the famed Hollywood Bowl concert venue in Hollywood, California and the greatest impact for me from the day was a musical offering of a different version of sorts. There was kinetic energy generated throughout the stadium as the enthusiastic crowd arrived for this most time-honored annual musical event, in addition to the hustle and bustle of geographically mapping out your seating, your food, and your comfort, all orchestrated into a strategic engagement for the precise purpose of sitting back, relaxing and … groovin’.  After all the settling, dining and prep to relax gave way to, uh, relaxing – the energy, with an able assist from extraordinary musicians communicating the music of the spheres, of the entire diverse stadium crowd appeared to synchronize into a symphony of relaxed communion in fun; just connecting and being connected while ably hosted by the music of some of the jazz world greats.  It was a balmy, sun-kissed Sunday afternoon – just perfect for harmonizing with the harmony. And it was just … Continue reading

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Wiring the Brain for Fulfillment


This is your brain. This is your perception. This is your brain on perception. Your brain is a very dutiful instrument. It wires ideas, perceptions and chronic thoughts into behaviors, habits and possibilities – or the lack thereof – without questioning the impact of the wired information. This process is both the bane of your existence and the possibility for its freedom. The existential question for your identity is, “Am I more than what has happened to me?” The answer to this question is a resounding, ‘Yes!” Because of the neutrality of that organ called your brain it will, theoretically speaking, wire any perception that is imported. And because of that very neutrality the brain will rewire – connect the neurons that form thoughts – to reflect a different reality just as it has wired the perceptions of the present reality of your experience. This is why my constant refrain, “you are more than what has happened to you,” becomes the clarion call for greater well-being, abundance, fulfillment and possibility. For far too long “think positive” has become either a fleeting, weak admonition to combat negative experiences and doubt, or has been reduced to a proposition to make something good … Continue reading

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Why You CAN Fulfill Your Goals


The brain is an interesting instrument. We marvel at this non-replicable wonder and at the same time give it too much credit. I often encounter clients immobilized by self-doubt because an effort to realize an aim may reflect a feeble attempt or doesn’t come close to the imagined idea of the goal or pursuit. This rash, quick-to-judge assessment reflects more on the brain’s limitation then on the person’s limitation. That last sentence seems a contradictory quandary until you realize that you are NOT your brain. In truth, you HAVE a brain; you are NOT a brain. As magnificent an organ as the brain is for all the functions it facilitates and enables, it is still, nonetheless, yet another organ of the body albeit the most essential one.  As witnessed most explicitly in art, the brain itself cannot create art but it is indeed the instrument of the artistic impulse. This is true about all endeavors whether it be the teacher or the electrician, or the neurosurgeon or the chef. The brain is the instrument of human endeavor not the source of it. This brings me to the point of this little treatise: The reason you CAN fulfill your authentic goals and … Continue reading