Whether the desire is to grow your financial abundance, your health, body condition and vitality, your relationship satisfaction, your career and purpose fulfillment, your peace of mind, your self-worth (am I covering the bases?) – the 3 Secrets to Tremendous Personal Growth Here unlock your awareness from the brain’s conditioning.

Do not overlook the significance of the last seven words of that long, just-concluded sentence. “…unlock your awareness from the brain’s conditioning.” Therein is Secret #1 in the 3 Secrets to Tremendous Personal Growth Here – recognizing the difference between your awareness and your brain.

Most people assume that what they think – is what they are aware of. In truth, it is the other way around – you are aware of what you think. This reversal of concept is not mere semantics – it is the essential secret of the three secrets to personal growth.

Put It In Reverse

By reversing this perception (which is the true order of aliveness) you reclaim your power to grow and change. How so? Well, as long as you think you are limited to the brain’s habituated, constantly regurgitated, thought programming you operate largely within the confines of those rote thoughts of self-perception.

The average individual thinks seven basic thoughts about themselves – for a lifetime (thankfully, if you are reading this, you are not average! [wink]). This “quarantine of thought” is what makes desired change almost impossible or very incremental at best.

To realize that the locust (origin) of your identity is in your infinite capacity of awareness and not the limitation of the brains rote seven-thought programming is freedom. It is the leverage that allows you to reprogram constantly the brain’s “operational data” for greater and greater expanse of living. Which bring us to…

Secret No. 2

Secret No. 2 in the 3 Secrets to Tremendous Personal Growth Here – and that is to Release the Thought Filter. First, you want to understand what the “thought filter” is. Remember the infamous 80’s drug PSA depicting a frying pan with an egg frying that went something like, “This is your brain, this is drugs, and this is your brain on drugs”? Your ‘thought filter’ operates in a similar way. There is the essence of something, your programmed thoughts about that something, and then your experience as a consequence of your thoughts about that thing.

This is the “thought filter” – your thoughts about something filter the possibilities of that something. For example, the idea of relationship itself is a concept – the concept of ‘relating to’ – however it is the thoughts of relationship (forged from the thought-programming of what you have witnessed and/or experienced) that filter out (or in) the possibilities of relationship.

Your experience (quality) of relationship is a consequence of your thoughts ABOUT relationship – not the purity of the concept of relating. The very concept itself is a successful proposition; relating – means the act of that occurring. Think about it: All dysfunction in relationship is some degree of not relating.

Let’s use money. Money itself is merely a token of exchange. Nothing more, nothing less. However, our thoughts ABOUT money is what we experience. Thoughts such as “Money is evil,” “Money is hard to get,” “Money is hard to earn,” “Money corrupts,” “Money is hard to keep,” “Money is hard to save,” “Lots of money is only for certain people,” and on and on. Your experience with money is not about money itself; your experience with money is a reflection of your thoughts ABOUT money. (Simply put, thoughts impact behavior).

You have a thought filter about everything. Finances, health, relationship, career, aging, etc. The thought filter is always (the content of) what you think ABOUT something; not the thing itself. How is Secret #2 in the 3 Secrets to Tremendous Personal Growth Here – Releasing the Thought Filter employed? Obviously, you do not stop thinking – the brain’s primary function is to think.

However, you can withdraw the focus and legitimacy given to the auto-thought currents your awareness witnesses! (Review Secret #1 the true hierarchy of awareness – you are aware of thoughts being thought.) In other words, as you witness the emotional thoughts ABOUT something (all thoughts have a corresponding feeling to them) simply allow the thought to be – instead reacting to it (by trying to ignore, suppress, heal or analyze it).

Sound too simple a solution to be the key to the growth that has evaded you for a significant portion of your life? Aha! That is a reflection of your thoughts ABOUT solutions themselves! Case in point – “Solutions must always be as complicated as the problem!” That is a thought ABOUT solution – having nothing to do with the nature of solution itself.

Instead of legitimizing chronic thoughts just because you happen to be thinking them (the credence (value) you give to your thought is highly overrated; remember most thoughts are autopilot thinking programs running and nothing more).

Secret No. 3

Now you are ready to employ Secret No. 3 in the 3 Secrets to Tremendous Personal Growth Here – and that is Consideration!

In its purest sense to consider something is not the same as thinking about something. Consideration is open-ended; thinking about something is the imposition of the opinions already held (the heretofore programmed thoughts ABOUT something). Most “thinking about” something is what is called ruminating. Problem with this is that you use the same programmed criteria in your thought process, essentially limiting your thoughts about something to the same basis of thinking.

On the other hand, to consider something – you invite the possibility of entertaining – receiving new thoughts, ideas and perceptions – enabling you to realize possibilities outside or beyond the rote programed thoughts! (What we call an epiphany is just that; a realization outside programmed thinking).

To consider love; and not your thoughts ABOUT love (which is history-laden) opens the brain-mind to accommodating love’s nature without the habituated experience-laden, thought filter.

To consider health; and not your thoughts ABOUT health is to welcome health possibilities outside your thought-forged limited perceptions about health.

To consider money; and not your thoughts ABOUT money is to welcome greater expressions of it as it does not have to conform to history-limiting thought perceptions about it.

Again, let us keep this simple. To consider something means you just contemplate its nature in and of itself – not your historic opinions about it. This allows your awareness (Secret #1) to accommodate from the infinite scope of things rather than from your limited experiential, conditioned vantage point.

Reviewing the 3 Secrets to Tremendous Personal Growth Here:

Secret # 1 – Awareness precedes thinking.

You are aware of thoughts; thoughts do not make you aware. This subtle realization empowers you to know you hold the power and are the arbitrator of change in what the brain thinks to bring about change and growth.

Secret #2 – Releasing the static thought filter

You do not typically experience the purity of the possibility of a thing (health, relationship, finances, self-worth, etc.) – you experience your conditioned thoughts ABOUT the thing. This filters out growth due to the nature of a static filter about things.

Secret #3 – Consideration

Do not underestimate that word. To consider a thing is to invite thought-perceptions outside or beyond the limiting parameters of conditioned-forged processing of things. (A simple analogy is that every time you learn something new – even how to cook a new meal – you grow. Growth is merely the process of expanding your thoughts beyond what is familiar.

This is what it means to grow; to release perceptions your conditioning fools you into thinking are finite. This. Is. Liberation. This is personal growth.

This is your awareness. This is your brain. This is your brain on the awareness that the power of growth is always immediately at hand.


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