To fulfill the intentions of your authentic destiny of love, health, purpose and success, just as with any pursuit, requires preparation and readiness. The 5 Powerful Ways to Prepare for Genuine Fulfillment empowers the awareness that turns frustrating stagnation into fluid progress.

The very word fulfillment means to “fill” something; to fill an idea, an intention, a task, a purpose – with its true nature. To fulfill the desires of your heart becomes shadow-chasing if your “fulfillment prep” is inadequate for the intent. Your use of the 5 Powerful Ways to Prepare for Genuine Fulfillment clears the psychological, historical and emotional debris sabotaging momentum and fulfillment.

Prep Way #1

Talk to Self from Empowered Identity – begin to talk to yourself from your “healed” self’s perspective. Instead of communicating self-hate, doubt, and fear about yourself or actions, intentionally begin communicating words of self-encouragement, uttering statements of confidence to yourself as you address pursuits and activities.

This Preparation Way is not merely positive self-talk; its potency stems from appreciating the context that you are speaking to yourself from: your healed (unconditioned) identity. Typical positive self-talk emanates from an anxious state speaking to an anxious state! Here, the subtle but paramount difference is that it is your ‘healed self’ speaking to the anxious state of the mind.

(We all possess an issue-free persona within us; it’s what drives us to seek improvement in our experience.)

Whenever the mind negates a desired intention (through negative mental rhetoric), compassionately “coach” the mind – not attempt to convince – but coach the mind with self-communicating thoughts of support, “You are worthy to express this (whatever the) intention.”, or something like, “You are accepting more and more confidence in yourself.”

IMPORTANT: This intent is NOT about “positive thinking” or affirmation; you are not trying to “convince” – you are coaching yourself. The difference is about recognizing that coaching implies guiding your capabilities – rather than trying to gain capability. The former – coaching – is about capacity acceptance and the latter – convincing – reflects the false perception of lacking capability.

Empowered Self-Talk in the 5 Powerful Ways to Prepare for Genuine Fulfillment becomes an increasingly potent action the more frequently it is engaged

Prep Way #2

Release Being Impressed with Your Ego – ego here is in reference to one’s conditioned (from experience) state of mind as opposed to one’s unconditioned state of possibility. We tend to take our own negative self-judgments so seriously that it refocuses our power in sabotaging ways.

When the mind is triggered to recite some doubtful or negative rhetoric simply say, “Thank you for sharing” to your mind! This statement renders the negative mental talk as benign, innocuous; you are essentially withdrawing the validity and credence you invest in negative thinking.

You don’t have to wrestle with controlling negative thoughts – you just render them void by considering those thoughts invalid. The more you withdraw the credence (validity) you give to those thoughts the weaker they become and the less they intrude on your motivational momentum.

Negative, undermining thoughts are sustained by the power our attention gives them – without attention, those thoughts have no fuel to perpetuate themselves. This is the most direct and efficient way to conquer negative, sabotaging thinking – to release the interest given to those thoughts rather than trying to control them.

The choice is always yours to decide whether you will operate from your conditioned state of mind or your unconditioned mindset.

Prep Way #3

Assess Motive – this, perhaps of the 5 Powerful Ways to Prepare for Genuine Fulfillment, is the most crucial way to purify your intentions from the sabotaging culprit of opposing mental and emotional forces. Examine your motivation for any intention, desire, endeavor or action to ferret out ulterior motives that unconsciously sabotage.

Conflicting subconscious motivations in actions are what undermine the true intent of an effort. If a desire to fulfill something in your life is motivated by non-recognized ulterior motives, the ulterior motives will be the consequential impact of actions.

For example, what is the motivation for an intimate relationship in your life? Is the motivation for a relationship for the purpose of eliminating loneliness or to share love? Sure, the ego will say, ‘to share love’ however if the true motivation stems from the desire to eliminate loneliness then that motivation can have you attract and settle for an unsatisfying relationship.

Assess and purify your motives for why you do what you do and the consequence will reflect that purity of intent thereby fulfilling and not forfeiting desired outcomes.

Does your motivation for career success stem from fulfilling your self-expression and purpose or is it primarily motivated by the fear of not accomplishing and fulfilling? The latter motivation will compel set-backs, undue obstacles and other interference.

As you weed out ulterior motives within your true motives, you empower self-expression to fulfill itself without sabotaging inner conflict.

Prep Way #4

Release Hate – frustration and disappointment lead to resentment, festering resentment foments hate. Harboring hate will surly impede and stifle the freedom of being necessary to welcome fulfillment.

When you think of, or are experiencing, a particular frustration, take a deep breath and on the exhalation of the breath mentally “attach” the emotional feeling you desire to release (hate, anger, jealously, disappointment, fear, etc.) to the exhaled breath. This process releases negative alignments out of your system of being with the releasing breath.

As your emotional state is liberated from the congestion of toxic feelings and attitudes you become available to the fresh air of your uninhibited identity and possibility. This freedom of being empowers your focus, motivation and sense of self-worth.

Prep Way #5

Get in Touch with Purpose – to relate intensely to your purpose for an action, endeavor or desire causes the psyche to purge the accumulated interference from past disappointment or setback. The reason our intentions become waylaid is because the psychological accrual of interference along the way of a pursuit undermines the consistence of focus necessary for continual progress.

As you mentally “reset” the emotional and psychological vantage point of your intentions by reconnecting (or connecting) intensely with your intention’s purpose, you empower the confidence that fulfills. Confidence is not something you gain – it is something you become available to through unyielding appreciation of an action’s purpose.

Continuously remind and reflect on the inner purpose for your intentions. Ask yourself, ‘What kind of difference do I desire to make through this endeavor?’ “What do I desire to contribute through the endeavor?’ “How does the fulfilling of this endeavor (or desire) fulfill me?’ Inner processing that intensely connections you to your desire’s purpose disconnects you from the accumulated interference accrued along the way of fulfillment.

This constant resetting back to purpose keeps you mentally and emotional available to the inner confidence the fuels fulfillment.

These 5 Powerful Ways to Prepare for Genuine Fulfillment not only cultivate a purity of intention within your pursuits but it also empowers the liberation of well-being.