The average individual entertains a constant barrage of conflicts daily – from micro inner conflicts to circumstantial conflicts experienced in situations. How to liberate yourself from conflict is more about releasing the idea of conflict rather than attempting to solve (or ignore) conflict. On the essential level of life there is no conflict.

All about nature you witness its harmony; even what we perceive of as chaos in nature has more to do with our perception – or cause – of the chaos witnessed than the objective reality. How to liberate yourself from conflict begins with the willingness to surrender the concept of conflict.

If the idea of releasing the very concept of conflict sounds improbable or unrealistic it indicates the mass brainwashing from the ignorance of fundamental reality we unwittingly suffer. Releasing the concept of conflict is challenging to the brain because the brain is born into a world seemly fraught with conflict and chaos as a “natural” element of life.

Truth or Consequence

In truth, conflict is indeed experienced, however it is not an essential (natural) dynamic in life. As you develop your capacity to recognize whether something experienced is reflecting something essential – or not – you hold the key to your liberation from any distress confronting you.

Recognizing if a situation is reflecting fundamental reality – or not – empowers you to not be duped by the propaganda of mass assumptions such as the idea that conflict is ‘natural.’ (There are many schools of thought to enlighten awareness regarding fundamental reality, from nature specials [BBC has an excellent nature video series aptly titled, “Life”], to esoteric principles and other approaches that reflect or teach fundamental truths about life.)

An example of essential circumstance versus circumstance largely relative to a constricting personal perception is money. We all experience money relative to personal conditions. Money itself, however, represents the essential idea of abundance; just as we witness nature’s abundance all about us. One of the human expressions of this essential abundance idea is money. However, our experience of this type of abundance is relative to our ideas regarding money.

How to liberate yourself from conflict boils down to releasing the idea of conflict just as releasing the constricting ideas surrounding money enables the liberation from the limiting experience of it. (This is a prime application of how to liberate yourself from conflict – but more about applications later.)

How to liberate yourself from conflict is about your release of the idea of conflict – it’s very concept. This is a radical request of your psyche’s perception. As cited in the beginning of this communication, we are born into a collective perception that conflict is “natural” (as opposed to ‘normal’ – anything can be normalized – like the experience of conflict).

Recognizing the distinction between ‘natural’ and ‘normal’ empowers your ability to let go of things that are collectively accepted as normal but not necessarily natural – like conflict.  This transforming distinction permits the release of limiting socially-held beliefs (much of what we accept in life is nothing more than the propaganda of perception-conditioned assumptions).

To be clear, releasing the concept of conflict does not mean disagreements or misaligned alliances will not occur. It means resolutions have a much greater chance of being realized or misaligned alliances are harmoniously and courageously released when you reject the necessity of conflict.

Releasing the concept of conflict is an “inside job”; it is not about simply walking away from conflict – you can still believe in and unconsciously expect conflict even when you ‘walk away’ from a particular conflict.

Radical Liberation

This radical approach is truly about releasing the long-held assumption that conflict is natural. Consistent mental release of the idea of conflict itself (even though it is witnessed all about us) deprograms the brain-mind to no longer anticipate it and therefore not unwittingly compel it.

Below are several areas of life to apply the conflict-release technique. As you apply the conflict release technique whenever and however you detect conflict’s presence, you leverage the liberating journey to greater well-being and peace of mind.

As you genuinely apply the conflict-release strategy, endeavor to practice the strategy vertically. This means – as some of the examples illustrate – that the point of employing the technique is to deepen your own relate-ability and understanding of what it means to release conflict on an internal level.

(The brain by its nature – when allowed – automatically takes any repetitive action vertically; it deepens it comprehension of the act. If you learn a new way of cutting a fruit, by the time you’ve done it repeatedly you are better than the initial efforts precisely because the brain continues to wire in the understanding of the action or intent.)

You witness this anytime you begin a new process that is repeated; you naturally become more proficient with each repeat of the act because the brain is wiring in understanding. You become more proficient and deepen your understanding of conflict release as the technique is repeatedly used.

The conflict-release application is the same for all the countless ways you can and will apply it. Begin by focusing your intention on just the idea of releasing the very concept of conflict in whatever constricting situation, concern or circumstance facing you.

The technique appears a bit vague initially, however after a few initiations of the intent whenever conflict occurs (mentally or externally), the brain begins to acclimate (take vertically) the relevance of the intention to release conflict from repetitive application.

Your intention in the release technique is to release the subconscious notion that conflict is natural; to “de-normalize” the idea in the psyche. You are releasing the unconscious attachment to conflict with this potent application.

When a conflict is before you state to yourself mentally or audibly, “I release conflict regarding this matter.” This permits resolution (as the conflict-release technique is respected and valued) by the release of the unconscious need for conflict to be sustained by the very concept of the idea.

It’s amazing how we entertain subtle “micro-conflicts” – mental conflicts about making decisions, the conflicts between the voice in our head that says on thing with always a judgmental opposing voice saying another. You should find yourself using this technique countless times a day as you neutralize all the ways that the idea of conflict promotes its reality in experience.

Through familiar application of releasing your unconscious need for conflict (the brain is conditioned to the normalcy of conflict so it actually unconsciously expects it) –  you release yourself from a divided mind about yourself and life.

Here are common areas for the conflict-release application to provide a framework for using the technique for any and all conflict experienced:


Any distress, concern, frustration or limiting experience regarding money reflects conflict. When you are faced with any worrying or constricting money matter, invoke (initiate) the, “I release conflict regarding this.” (Remember, you are reprogramming so repeat the process as frequently as the money concern is triggered as you nullify the grip this fear has on you).

At first use of the conflict-release technique the question arises, “Ok, I’ve said it, now what?” This question reflects how ingrained our collective hypnosis is regarding acceptance of conflict that it compels wanting to “do” something about conflict.

Remember you are not trying to solve a conflict with this technique – that is buying into the false idea that conflict is natural; wanting to do something about it – but rather, you are releasing the very idea of conflict that a particular matter represents.

The natural consequence of your moment-by-moment decision to release the concept of conflict is that organically, constructive thoughts, qualities (such as courage) become available to you. You find yourself participating in the actions and thoughts of conflict release with a particular matter precisely because the conflict-sustaining concept of conflict is released.

Conflicts are sustained by the notion of conflict not by the conflict itself. This approach is radical – and the key to self-liberation.


Because health has such a visceral resonance in us, our fear of compromising health becomes an acute example of conflict in action. Distressing health issues subconsciously set up conflict with our bodies (we mentally curse the hand that experiences arthritis because of the frustrating constriction it imposes, etc.).

Invoke, “I release conflict with my body” for any distress or fear relating to the body that is triggered or arises. Again, the invocation of the release is enough (you are not intentionally attempting to a solve a health issues per se with the technique, but are releasing the very notion [of conflict] that creates and sustains the distresses witnessed in health).

The more the conflict-release technique is applied every time an ailment or thought of ailment occurs, the more the body-mind releases the invalid nature of conflict itself (this is what it means to take the application vertical; your continual deepening appreciation and acceptance of the conflict-concept release from repetitive application).

It is the adversarial nature unconsciously created between you and your body when battling the distress of an ailment that can impede healing – you nullify the conflict that sabotages your natural healing capacity using the conflict-release technique.


Perhaps the most common area where conflict arises is in relating to others. Whether relating to a spouse, mate, partner, co-worker, relative or a situation –  the unconscious programming that sustains the assumption that conflict is to be expected (not desired, but expected) is what creates and propels relationship strife.

Grudges, resentments, sabotaging personal characteristics are sustained from the unconscious attachment to the “normality” of the conflict idea, preventing the grace of resolution. “De-normalizing” conflict with the conflict release statement, “I release conflict with relationship” promotes the release of the very paradigm of conflict.

(The statement invoked may subsequently require releasing the conflict within the conflict, i.e., releasing conflict with forgiveness [not to be interpreted as an action of accepting unsatisfactory conditions], releasing the need to be ‘right’ [conflict’s most useful tool], and releasing the expectation of conflict.)


Whatever challenge experienced with weight obstacles creates an unconscious adversarial dynamic with the body that promotes the stress that sabotages intentions, establishing a vicious cycle of battle. “I release my conflict with weight.” When invoking the conflict-release of weight experience or any other conflict-produced constriction, you are not settling and accepting the plight at hand you are releasing the conflict that holds the sabotaging cycle in play.

As you liberate yourself from the burden of carrying the psychological and emotional accrual of the weight battle journey by releasing the conflict created from your weight distress or judgment, you come in to self-loving cooperation with your body and your intentions for it. You create compatibility with your weight goals rather than resistance to them.


Releasing conflict through the technique – “I release conflict with my career” – relating to any unsatisfying career conditions promotes the release of the distress and sabotaging resentments, attitudes and negativity accumulated over the course of challenging career experiences.

When the very prospect of your career fulfillment is not undermined by unconscious conflict from the career journey, you permit availability to the qualities within you that serve your career progress rather than characteristics (from the conflict idea) that would perpetuate continued career struggle.

No magic incantation in how to liberate yourself from conflict

The conflict-release technique offered here in how to liberate yourself from conflict is not about intoning affirmation rhetoric or a magical incantation to resolve conflict. The intent of the application is to de-program your mind from the conflict-producing propaganda that normalizes conflict as instrumental to life.

Circumstances are a reflection of an inner psychological blueprint; releasing the blueprint of conflict reflects itself in greater harmonious circumstances.

Just like other elements of Nature your ‘nature’ is to express the compatibility of purpose and well-being and restoration is always about, ‘what interference can I release’; not, ‘what can I do to combat strife’.

You come to this planet fully franchised (whole) to fulfill the purpose of your existence. Let go of conflict and you let go to your freedom.