You need to lose weight. You need to confront your relationship. You need to follow up on task. You need to call your mother. You need to pay bills. You need to get out more. You need to exercise. The list of “should do’s” pile up in our psyches like snow in a blizzard. What this mounting list of “should’s” create is a mental paradigm of guilt-oriented action. Guilt-oriented action yields little sustained progress because of the mental/emotional burden of guilt-informed energy. Yes, much can be “accomplished” from the guilt impetus for action but it is at the cost of eroding self-worth and esteem.   Releasing the controlling power of guilt is necessary to liberate your desires, intentions and aspirations from the existential weight of guilt judgment.

There is nothing about this extraordinary experience called life that fundamentally emanates or operates from guilt. Flowers are not “guilted” into blooming; the exquisite development of your very being from a one-cell organism into the seven trillion-cell network of nature’s artistry that you are was not a guilt motivated event.

Why on earth then (or any other planet) do we allow our brain to contaminate, through guilt, the sheer buoyancy of our natural mandate to fulfill?

Releasing the controlling power of guilt is a matter of recognizing that guilt is a consequence, not a cause. You may think your guilty feelings about how long it has been since you contacted your mother or exercise motivates you into action, but in truth, guilt-motivated action is simply an attempt to eradicated the self-generated feelings and thoughts of guilt itself. The actions taken are just about releasing guilt feelings. This effort to allay guilt feelings has very little to do with the purpose the guilt supposedly motivates. And since guilt efforts are more about relieving the feeling of guilt than it is about the thing one is guilty about the effort expended is temporary or half-hearted.

We have all been there: a guilt-generated gusto of intention to workout wanes because after a few workouts the feeling experience of guilt subsides (is not eradicated, but subsides) and since that was the motivating factor, so to, do the guilt-motivated actions subside as well.  You find yourself back to the interference or inertia that triggered the guilt in the first place. Rinse and repeat.

Releasing the controlling power of guilt occurs as you realize, discover and align with the true reasons for any desired unfoldment. As you align with the “authentic calling” of the desired action, motivation is sustained because it originates out of love (appreciation) for the intent’s purpose rather than to alleviate negative guilt feelings about the intent.

To be clear, you do not replace the guilt feelings about working out with feelings of ‘love’ for working out, per se, but rather, you fall in love with the desire to nurture and nourish the body. You do not replace guilt feelings of not following through on objectives with a “love” for following through on objectives, but rather, guilt is replaced with appreciating (another word for, ‘aligning’) the thing the objective serves.

The reason your being wants to rid itself of the guilt you impose on it from thinking/feeling is precisely because those toxic thoughts and feelings are not natural to your nature! This is why once the guilt feelings are suspended through reactive efforts (burst of action) the intention loses motivation because the psyche’s true intent was met – the temporary abatement of guilt feelings.

Begin releasing the accrued guilt surrounding matters in your life by bringing a matter to mind you harbor guilt about and… release it! To tell that guilt feeling detected, “I release you” may appear to be “just words” but the subconscious mind maintains an “archetypal library” and responds unconsciously to the meaning of words. To “release” with repeated intonations of this response (“I release you”) each time you detect guiltiness, in short time, your psyche dutifully responds with increasing veracity and effectiveness in ejecting toxic feelings. (“You” in the stated response, “I release you”, is anthropomorphic [the guilt feeling energy is not actually a person] but it gets the job done).

Experiencing guilt about your weight? “I release you.” Feel guilty about your credit? “I release you.” Feel guilty about a past decision? “I release you.” Whatever triggers guilt and self-judgment… “I release you!” What occurs as a consequence of “guilt unload” is a growing sense of freedom; which you will employ to fall in love with the true objective of your objectives. Fall in love with the desire to nourish the body through food and exercise. Fall in love with your greater possibilities (rather than the fear of not meeting them) through effective credit adjustments. Fall in love with your well-being so that you find yourself courageously facing relationship issues with the sobriety of true self-worth.

Releasing the controlling power of guilt boils down to replacing guilt – an unnatural energy configuration – with love, the organic, base energy of your nature.