96% of the people on the planet are victims. Unknowing victims, that is. Most individuals assess their possibilities about themselves and their lives from the environment of circumstance. Whether that “environment” is one’s own body, relationships, finances, career, feelings, psychology or personal history; we take our cues from the state of things. This is the height of victimhood when we cede our power to determine, to the haphazard causality of things.  Reverse Engineering Thought for health, wealth and happiness are about reversing the conditioned habit of absorbing from the environment to imputing TO the environment; the environment of the… body, finances, emotions, situations and circumstances.

To impute means to give or ascribe TO something. Reverse Engineering Thought for health, wealth and happiness means to use your life as opportunity to guide its unfoldment, development and expression; to impute the desired qualities of expression. To guide your life (and body) towards a desired end is not the same as attempting to ‘make’ something desirable happen. Context is everything; guiding emanates from intuitive awareness that life’s energy is for the express purpose of being directed. Whereas attempting to control outcomes – make something desirable happen – stems from the reactive fears triggered precisely from conditions that resulted from taking cues from the haphazard state of things.

When attempts to control the outcome of situations originates from the reaction to unsatisfactory elements, you are, in fact, still receiving cues from your environment – which is why you are in re-action; not action. This creates a cycle of reconstituting limitation.

If we are constantly in re-action in our lives there is no time/room for pro-action; intended action as it were. Reverse Engineering Thought for health, wealth and happiness is essentially the process of becoming the initiator of your life and no longer the re-actor in your life.


Cosmic Irony

The irony of switching from being a re-actor in your life to being the pro-actor of your life is that it is a very, very accessible possibility shift – however the complete reversal of societal conditioning that indoctrinates the “environment in” mode of being rather than from within to the environment, could make it a tremendous undertaking.

Reverse Engineering Thought for health, wealth and happiness is as easy as simply changing the content of (a) thought, and becomes difficult only in releasing the attachment to the unconscious habit of formulating thoughts triggered from the environment witnessed. The argument would be, “Well, what are our senses for if not to detect what is going on around us, right?”

This is indeed true however what the senses detect should not be the determiner of the direction (positive or negative) of our thought usage!   This is the paramount difference in reverse engineering for health, wealth and happiness; senses are used to assess but not to determine.

As you conduct reverse engineering you reclaim your inherent power to guide your being towards the fulfillment of health, wealth and happiness. You do not have to be a victim of circumstances for one more remaining moment.

The simple powerful process

Reverse engineering thought for health, wealth and happiness is a simple two-step process though, as mentioned, going against the habituated grain of absorbing your life cues from the environment rather than imputing to the environment will be the challenge. At the start of reverse engineering thought for health, wealth and happiness you will employ the shift in one moment and find yourself reverting to the reverse of reverse engineering in the next – defaulting back to the worry, concern, doubt and acquiescence occurring from the absorption from the environment. This is fine, it is akin to the spin cycle in a washing machine – even though the power is cut off it continues to spin from the momentum still in play from being on. Reverse engineering thought is very unusual to the conditioned brain’s familiar process mode. As the brain quickly acclimates from your will, you will find yourself looking forward to applying reverse engineering as an expression of reclaimed power.

The first step in reverse engineering thought for health, wealth and happiness is to SET THE INTENTION for the desired quality. Let us use for example of reverse engineering a physical application such as hip difficulty (it could be shoulder or other physical challenge, relationship difficulty, money difficulty, self-esteem difficulty – reverse engineering applies to everything). For hip distress, typically, your conscious and unconscious thought would be to “brace yourself” because an anticipated movement is going to cause some form of distress. This is formulating thought based on the senses assessment (via your pain experience or a doctor’s prognosis). When thought is formulated primarily from the sense’s feedback you unwittingly confirm the static state of things, leaving no room for true recovery or restoration. The feedback loop of, “I witness distress, so I will think distressfully,” is a recipe for continual limitation. This “feedback loop” must be reversed!

The intent you reverse engineer becomes something that reflects the desired quality, “My hip(s) are expressing optimal strength, vitality and structure.” To be clear, this is NOT a mere “positive affirmation” (haven’t we had enough of that just for the sake of it?) – quite the contrary, this is an act of respecting your reclaimed power to impute TO your environment instead of being the victim of it. I repeat, “Context is everything.” Because the context reflects respect for reclaimed mind power, a mere affirmation is accelerated to a potent mechanism for change. But that is just the first step.

The second step in the two-step process of reverse engineering thought for health, wealth and happiness is THE FEELING CONFIRMATION of the intended expression. In other words, combine with the identified intention the feeling that the intent has been realized. It is that simple. Combine the intent with the feeling of its accomplishment and you galvanize the components that facilitate desired outcomes. In actuality, you do this already; when you have a worrisome or doubtful thought it is accompanied with the feeling of worry or doubt. You are reclaiming your conscious use of a power heretofore used haphazardly causing unconscious sabotage of purposeful expression.

There is no magic here – other than the magic that is your very being!  You are exercising conscious use of mind and emotional activity instead of unconscious usage.  There is one caveat.

The Caveat

The intentions intended should be for the quality or idea of the thing desired. In other words, the qualities one desires to experience in a satisfying relationship (compatibility, partnership, support, joy, etc.); not, “I want John P. Smith in my life or to act right.”  Another example of appropriate RET (reverse engineering thought) application, is if a particular automobile yet experienced resonates with you the intention set is for the make and model of the automobile; not for the exact one that was seen on Green Street.

The Application

There is a very precise technique you can employ to facilitate the reclaimed power under your jurisdiction. Whatever the intention focus (health of a body region or element, financial increase, relationship quality to be expressed, item, etc.), begin with, “I am glad that …” or I LOVE that …” followed by the intention. For example, “I am glad that my right shoulder is functioning optimally!”, or, “I LOVE that the $10,000 for my project is secured!”, preface all intents with, “I am glad that…” or “I love that …”, this is combining the identified intent with the feeling nature of it being accomplished. Pronounce your intentions with a smile. This is very important.


Smile Power

When you frequently pronounce (mentally or audibly) your intention through a smile you automatically trigger the psyche and your emotional center to align with accomplished reality. Why is this so? Your psychological being is essentially a configuration of “associated mechanisms “, a smile triggers the association with gratitude that something has been accomplished. So while you await the genuineness of the feeling of gratitude for something that has not occurred yet, the smile automatically triggers the authenticity of the gratitude.  This authentic feeling of accomplished, realized experience, compels the components of its reality (from within you and outside you) into fruition.

Try it. Say something, anything, first, with a very matter-of-fact tone, then say the same words through a smile and you will immediate detect the difference in your vibration in the latter pronouncement said through a smile. That feeling vibration of accomplished reality triggered by the smiling gratitude for the intent’s accomplishment establishes a “field” that promotes the fulfillment of the intention – the results.

Speaking of Results

There has been this proverbial conflict about the perspective one should have with results. The conventional idea is that one should not be focused or concerned with the results of a desired end but remain focused on its process. On the other hand, there is the idea that one should be focused on the desired end to align the process. You are about to receive the most revolutionary context for perceiving results.

From the vantage point you are about to read, you will happily combine the, “results or no results” focused approaches without conflict! You can indeed be focused on results… however, not the results the senses’ detect. Your senses are designed to detect processes that have reached their last stage of development – or density to be more precise. Just because your senses have not yet detected something doesn’t mean that it is not occurring.

The moment you set an intention through your smiling confirmation of its reality, there is a response.  In fact, Life is teeming with “reactive stuff” (in all the spaces you call space). Just as your body responds (reacts) to the oxygen you take in yet you do not “sense” – witness – the process of the response. Every thought occurring triggers a reaction too – it is just that the reaction is so subtle that the gross capacity of the senses simply cannot perceive the subtly. However, occurrence – results – is happening nonetheless. Essentially, these “non-detected impulses of activity” great a burgeoning “tendency field” of action, tending towards the fulfillment of their nature (desired intention).


reverse engineering for health, wealth and happiness.

The Field

In conclusion, this is how you satisfy the linear mind’s desire for quantifiable “results” that your gratitude-filled intentions are “working.”  You remind yourself (or maintain the context) with every occasion of application (“I am GLAD that… is occurring!”) – which should be constant once you understand the nature of what you are initiating – that you are depositing into the field of the intention’s reality.

Know within yourself that every application of reverse engineering you employ, that you are depositing and building greater tendency towards its sense-detectable actuality – to the point of realized expression. This will help in sustaining the commitment and will to habituate reverse engineering as a way of life. Reverse engineering must become a way of life to witness increasing efficiency of its operation.

Reverse engineering for health, wealth and happiness is a profound act of reclaiming your power to fulfill your life according to authentic destiny.



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