How to Smash Marijuana Habit in 10 Remarkable Days

If you think you are going to receive “12-step-ish” addiction release instruction from this How to Smash Marijuana Habit in 10 Remarkable Days post – I am happy to disappoint. What follows is context that liberates the constraints on your power to restore.

(I am often fond of saying to clients in my hypnotherapy work, “Do you mind if I make it [the solution] simple?” to which I usually receive befuddled reaction. We are conditioned to believe that effective solution must be as complicated or arduous as the problem. Nothing could be further from the truth.)

First, in How to Smash Marijuana Habit in 10 Remarkable Days there is no judgment here – this post is for those who desire to quit – not ‘should’ (I have no horse in this race; you have free will).

The empowering insights shared here are useful for any addicting habit or behavior. To see how to smash marijuana habit in 10 remarkable days (or any debilitating habit) is about shifting your point of reference in the releasing approach.

All addiction is about payoff – however temporary the payoff may be, it is nonetheless this association that turns behavior into sabotaging habit. While the association of payoff remains intact so too does the insidious nature of a sabotaging habit.

What follows is the process of release rather than the discipline of release. The former empowers success, the latter, sustains a sometimes-unending battle. Empowered insight into the point of reference from which you approach releasing a habit is what provides the upper hand in successful release.

Release Judgment for Understanding

How to smash marijuana habit in 10 remarkable days begin with letting go of the judgment (and subsequent guilt) harbored regarding the addiction or addictive behavior. Even though one may have an attitude of non-judgment about the substance itself, the unconscious judgment stems from the addiction to the substance – not the substance itself.

Understanding that all addiction is a coping mechanism is to bring compassionate understanding – not sympathy – but compassion to the situation. (Sympathy is a reactionary emotion; genuine compassion emanates from insightful understanding of a situation or dynamic.) Rather than knee-jerk judgmental pronouncements about yourself or another in the midst of the coping agenda (otherwise known as addiction), compassion creates the psychological freedom to address soberly (no pun intended) – the reasons for coping.

Since you are not born with a psychological addiction to a substance (physiological, perhaps), how to smash marijuana habit in 10 remarkable days is a matter of getting to the heart of what is being coped with.

This does not require going down a rabbit hole of long, arduous psychoanalysis (that assumption creates its own need) but rather, to assess what does the temporary ‘high’ of the substance replace, avoid or avert.

Remember addiction is a substitute payoff. Ask yourself ‘what is the payoff substituting?’ What dissatisfaction is the pseudo payoff compensating? Psychologically, the brain needs payoffs – whether they occur organically or synthetically.

(For clarity, yes, marijuana is a ‘natural’ substance however the temporary payoff is psychologically ‘synthetic’ as it is induced rather than organically occurring from within. The familiar adage, “I am on a natural high,” stems from this distinction.)

Where’s the Payoff?

What organic ‘high’ (payoff) is missing from your life? Meaningful work expression? Relationship satisfaction? Awareness of genuine self-worth? Harmony with physical ailment? (Yes, one can be in harmonious rapport with physical constriction.) Confidence in self? Feeling supported? Freedom from past regret?

Identify what the pseudo payoff marijuana is substituting (or other substance – alcohol, meds, cocaine, meth, TV, food, sex, excessive sleep – all can be coping mechanisms) and you have identified why the coping mechanism is in play.

Once identified begin tapping into your courage to face not the addiction – that is conventional substance abuse narrative rhetoric – but the organic payoff that is evading you.

If it is about unsatisfactory relationship status (of companionship, of a relative, colleague, peers, etc.) examine – to release – why a relationship is necessary for well-being rather than a compliment to it.

If it is about unsatisfactory self-expression (work) examine the perceptions – to release – that foment doubt that fulfilling work is your right as a functioning human being.

If it is about low perception of self-worth examine – to release – the erroneous ideas either modeled or imposed that limit your natural availability to inherent self-worth.

You Only Play One On TV

If it appears to be a combination of factors, examine – to release – which is the root cause impacting or acerbating the other factors. You are not a victim – you only play one on TV. (Need a little levity to not be burdened by the examining process.)

Freed from the binding perception that limits access to your inherent power to make change, how to smash marijuana habit in 10 remarkable days becomes a matter of process rather than a battle.

(Okay, this paragraph is the “payoff” of this post – get ready…) Do not underestimate your physiological or psychological restorative nature; 10 days resulting from the liberation of a constrictive perception (by means of the heretofore suggested examinations) enables your natural restorative mechanisms the opportunity to do what they do – heal.

The Miracle That Is You

Ever notice the “miraculous” restorative action in play witnessed after a minor cut or bruise? (It is most evident with a minor infraction; but the same efficiency occurs with major injuries as well – you just do not notice it as overtly.)  Your being knows how to heal even from the physiological, psychological and physical impact of substance abuse.

Never underestimate this natural restorative capacity of your nature. The examination of what is being substituted by use of the coping mechanism along with “calling the ego’s bluff” on those perceptions of inability permits the opportunity of your restorative nature to restore. You are not a victim, you only play one on TV.

Let It Do What It Does!

From this emancipating, insightful perspective, how to smash marijuana habit in 10 remarkable days becomes a matter of freeing your being to do what it does. (There is an essential line from the bio-pic, “Ray” on the life of musician Ray Charles, where the music execs ask him how is he going to incorporate his unique style into recording arrangements and he simply replies, “I’m gonna let it do what it does!”) … End of story.

Permit your being to “do what it does” enabled by your own emancipation of erroneous self-perceptions. And you will know how to smash marijuana habit in 10 remarkable days – or even less.

[This Hypnotherapist’s Note: My mother quit a 40-year cigarette habit on the same day she decided to; and has not lit a cigarette since – she is now in her 90’s.]

Provide your nature opportunity to “do what it does!”